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Run Your Shop From The Palm Of Your Hand

Ditch the pen and paper and embrace tech to manage more of your business. DaySmart Body Art will keep your schedule straight, track inventory and manage payroll, clients, campaigns and payments.

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We’ve had to become stricter with our schedules, starting earlier in the day and staggering appointments in 15-min slots. DaySmart Body Art helps keep clients scheduled in their specific time slots.

Greg Smith

Wolf & Crown Tattoo Studio

Running a Shop Shouldn't Mean Running Around.

Appointment Book

Meet your new best friend— your digital appointment book. Check schedules from anywhere at any time (and let staff do the same!)

payment processing
Deposit Tracking

Secure appointments and reduce no-shows by collecting deposits in advance. Add and track balances towards client accounts to take payments ahead of time for specific services.

Client Database Icon
Paperless Release Forms

Save time and paper! Have your clients fill out digital forms and waivers in advance. Simply send a request to fill out and store the forms in the software.

Treat Every Client Like They're Your Only Client.

Book Anywhere
Book Anywhere

Get a free online booking website to let clients and prospects request or book appointments 24/7.

Digital Client Records
Digital Client Records

Make every client feel like a friend by getting to know them again (before they come in) by reviewing notes, past work or purchase history.

Appointment Reminders
Appointment Reminders

No more missed messages, scheduling conflicts, double bookings, or playing phone tag.