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Your Digital Appointment Book

It’s time to say goodbye to confusion and hello to tech-supported simplicity with DaySmart Body Art.

Our digital appointment book makes scheduling, organizing, and reminding clients about appointments something you no longer have to think about. Plus, it allows you to go paperless and helps you your whole shop run more efficiently, saving you time, money, and frustration.

When combined with DaySmart BodyArt’s other business management features—client management, marketing features, point-of-sale capabilities, and more—our software makes running your business easier with the power of technology so you can focus your talents on what you do best.

Book More Appointments

One-Click Booking

When clients call or text, simply open your DaySmart Body Art software and add them to your schedule with a few simple clicks. Online bookings automatically populate so you’ll never have to worry about double booking again.

No More No Shows.

Automatic Reminders

Say goodbye to no-shows! Automatically send reminders via text or email to clients who have upcoming appointments. When the customer confirms, this automatically updates your appointment book. All you have to do is accept the appointment request. DaySmart Body Art handles the rest.

Made Just For You.

Fully Customisable

Within DaySmart Body Art’s color-coded appointment book, you have plenty of options to customize your schedule. Create a perfect system that works for you, your artists, and your front desk. Drag-and-drop capability makes adjusting your schedule a snap. Also, easily filter by employee, view by date, and more.