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Run your shop from the palm of your hand.

Ditch the pen and paper and embrace tech to manage more of your business. DaySmart Body Art can keep your schedule straight, track inventory and manage payroll, clients, campaigns and payments.

Tools You'll Use Everyday

Online Appointments

Offer online appointment booking to clients (and prospective clients)

Reputation Management

Manage your reputation online by soliciting reviews and heading off complaints

Mind Your Business

Dashboards and extensive reporting monitor your metrics and keep you in the know

QuickBooks® Sync

Sync every transaction to QuickBooks Online® and keep your taxes straight

Client Records

Track and manage detailed client data and purchase history securely, in one place

payment processing
Credit Card Processing

Integrate payments with your schedule to ensure everybody is paid up and still, save on every swipe.

Centralize, Simplify, and Save Time Every Day.

Your Book of Business

Securely store client information in one database. Level up with sophisticated, supported marketing campaigns using targeted communications and promotions based on client type.

Stay top of mind for your clients with automated text or email reminders. Eliminate no-shows!

Kill no shows.

Stay on top of your schedule from any web device - and let your staff do the same. Stay up to the minute, every minute.

Let's see it

Manage your metrics with easy-to-read dashboards and customizable reports. You can't manage what you can't measure, and DaySmart Body Art is made to measure.

Dig in

Embrace Tech!

Take Care Of Business.

Let business software take some of the dirty work off your hands. Get out of the back office and work the front door.

Whether it's CardConnect, Facebook, Instagram or Quickbooks Online®, integrations save you time. Invest in them.

Reduce errors, speed checkouts, save with every swipe...integrating credit card payments makes sense.

Show Me

Pay your people. Calculate tips automatically, provide staff with personalized reports easily.

Let's Get Paid
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